Uncomplicate Your Finances

20 Feb

Uncomplicate Your Finances

Uncomplicate Your Finances

Sometimes when we think about our finances and making changes we get into thinking that it has to be complicated, but it does not. In fact the less complicated you make your finances the better off you will be. The less complicated a budget is the more likely it is that it will work for you. The less complicated your system of making payments is the more time and energy you will have to focus on other things. The more complicated and complex you make saving money, the harder it will be to actually save money.

Reduce Spending

The biggest area of finances though that can use a reduction in complication is our spending. When we feel like we need to constantly check our bank account to make sure we have enough money in their for our next purchase it is a very good sign that you have made your finances complicated. If you are getting overdraft charges on your accounts it is a very good sign that you have made your finances complicated. If you don’t have enough money at the end of each month to pay all of your bills then it’s a good sign that you have made your finances complicated. We are the biggest complication to our finances. The quickest way to reduce the level of complexity is to stop doing what we have been doing and get on a plan!


Why is spending complicated and why are we the biggest complication to our finances? The answer is simple…we have had our thoughts altered to believe that we are failures if we don’t have nice things or don’t have certain things in life so we tend to buy stuff that we really cannot afford or that we do not need in order to feel like we are doing well in life. Start paying attention to television commercials or radio ads and start listening to what they are actually telling you about yourself if you do not buy their product. Pay attention to what you are feeling as you hear these ads. Do you become anxious or feel like you need to look that item up online to see how much it costs?

Personal finances are complicated because we make them complicated by buying stuff that we do not need. The biggest problem though to buying stuff that we do not need is the feeling that we do need the things that we are buying. I must tell you that you will never find happiness in life through a purchase. You might have some time of excitement over your purchase and you may actually get a lot of use out of your purchase, but it will not truly provide you happiness. Learning to be content in the Lord and to trust that he will provide you with all of your wants and desires, in his time is the key.

Trusting in God

Contentment is the key in finances to reduce the complication and to release the power of money over your life. You will always need money, but it does not need to have power over your life. When we learn to put our trust in God our entire outlook on finances will change. No longer will we need to worry about having the provision that we need to survive today or tomorrow, but we can rest in the fact that God will provide, the amount that he provides will be up to him no matter how much effort and stress we put into building wealth.

When we focus on creating comfort for ourselves and wealth for ourselves we lose sight of God and the power that He has to provide for our every need. This is not an excuse to not be wise with your money and to be a good steward; instead it actually requires more faithfulness on our part because we must realize that we are not in control and God is and thus we need to honor God in all that we do because it is from Him whom the blessings come.

If you would like to learn more about how to uncomplicate your finances please feel free to contact me at 573-208-4266. Finances do not have to be complicated and they do not have to be stressful.

Grace and Peace,

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