Learning the Family Business

Dad and Son by Ryan Qiu, on Flickr
Dad and Son by Ryan Qiu, on Flickr
Anyone that has children or has ever thought about having children has probably spent some time thinking about what it is they would like to teach their children and how they hope their children will grow up, what legacy they would like to leave behind through their children. Jesus’ earthly father, Joseph, probably had similar thoughts and we know that he taught Jesus in accordance with what was customary in his time. Typically whatever business the father did the son did also, it was the family trade and it was expected that the son would take over the family business. The following passage reflects another business that Jesus learned as his Father in heaven guided his journey so that he would be ready when his time had come. Keep in mind that those hearing this message would have heard things on multiple levels, one of which would have been an understanding that He really was participating in the Father’s business.

John 5:19-23
Very truly I tell you, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does. For the Father loves the Son and shows him all he does. Yes, and he will show him even greater works than these, so that you will be amazed. For just as the Father raises the dead and gives them life, even so the Son gives life to whom he is pleased to give it. Moreover, the Father judges no one, but has entrusted all judgment to the Son, that all may honor the Son just as they honor the Father. Whoever does not honor the Son does not honor the Father, who sent him.

We too have the opportunity to join in on the family business. We are the sons and daughters of God and likewise we have the honor of learning the family business. God shows us each day how to walk and how to interact with people, sometimes it is easy while other times it is difficult. There are times when he gives us opportunities to instill wisdom, to pray for healing or encouragement, there are even times when God calls us to suffer and act selflessly. As we go through life we glorify the Father by following his leadership and by learning every aspect of what He has called us to do. In the Great Commission we are told to go make disciples, to baptize them, and to teach them to obey all that has been commanded of us. This implies that we already know how to do these things though and that we know what has been commanded of us. We must be eager to learn more about the Father’s business so that we, like Jesus, can bring life to people. We are called into action, to do the stuff, to do what we see the Father doing. Are your eyes open to what God is doing and calling you into or are you focused on yourself? Are you willing to take up the family business or do you have plans of your own? It is your choice what you decide to do, but know that there is only one path that leads to life and all others lead to death.

Father, thank you for taking the time to teach me the family business. Thank you having patience with me as I mess things up and as I get distracted. I know that I have a long way to go still, but I look forward to learning more from you every day. Teach me how to fully embrace being your child. It is so easy for me to get caught up in the world and the things that are going on around me and I often times forget that I am not of this world. Thank you Father for never leaving my side and for guiding me down the path to righteousness as I learn to trust you and to follow you fully. Use me today, show me what you want me to do. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Palm Sunday

Palm-sunday-Hosanna-to-the-king-of-kingsToday is Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday also called Passion Sunday by some marks the time of Jesus’ coming into Jerusalem riding on a donkey, just as had been prophesied. People waved palm branches and placed their cloaks and palm branches on the road ahead of Jesus as he rode into town. In one week Jesus will face and conquer death on a cross for our sins.

Matthew 21:1-11

As they approached Jerusalem and came to Bethphage on the Mount of Olives, Jesus sent two disciples, saying to them, “Go to the village ahead of you, and at once you will find a donkey tied there, with her colt by her. Untie them and bring them to me. If anyone says anything to you, say that the Lord needs them, and he will send them right away.”

This took place to fulfill what was spoken through the prophet: “Say to Daughter Zion, ‘See, your king comes to you, gentle and riding on a donkey, and on a colt, the foal of a donkey.'”

The disciples went and did as Jesus had instructed them. They brought the donkey and the colt and placed their cloaks on them for Jesus to sit on. A very large crowd spread their cloaks on the road, while others cut branches from the trees and spread them on the road. The crowds that went ahead of him and those that followed shouted, “Hosanna to the Son of David!” “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!” “Hosanna in the highest heaven!”

When Jesus entered Jerusalem, the whole city was stirred and asked, “Who is this?” The crowds answered, “This is Jesus, the prophet from Nazareth in Galilee.”

Lord, bless us this week as we focus on Jesus and His obedience to you. Help us to be obedient just as He was so that we too may bring life to others. Thank you for the opportunity to not only be partners in your work, but to be sons and daughters of the Most High God. There is none that is greater than you. There is none that is more loving and caring. Help us to remember that without your saving grace sent through Jesus Christ that we would be nothing and would certainly see death. We praise your name this Passion Week as we remember all that your Son did for us so that we may be able to enter into your household, not as guests who leave, but as family who have inherited your Kingdom. We love you Father. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.