I want my Children to have it better

Most parents I talk to say that they want a better life for their children then what they had. Typically that is meant that they want them to be able to have things they did not have or do things they did not get to do. My question to you today is...would you rather them … Continue reading I want my Children to have it better


How is a Financial Coach Different?

With all of the choices that you have to choose from between financial advisors, financial consultants, investment advisors, etc., why would you choose a financial coach? The simplest answer as that as a financial coach my only concern is about helping you. Let me put it this way…how much better would you feel about your … Continue reading How is a Financial Coach Different?

Real-life Millionaires!

Yesterday I had a wonderful opportunity to speak with someone who just passed the $1 Million mark in their investments. It was so exciting to talk with him about what he and his wife have been able to accomplish in their lives. We talked about the things that they get to do, because of the … Continue reading Real-life Millionaires!

The Plans of the Diligent Lead to Profit

I was thinking briefly about retirement today and about getting to do the things that I want to do. I was thinking about how nice it is when I am able to take time for myself and just unplug, but then I got to thinking about how many people will never really be able to … Continue reading The Plans of the Diligent Lead to Profit

Experiencing Financial Freedom

Today I want to talk to you about experiencing financial freedom. Financial freedom will look different for each of us, but the feeling is the same. When you reach the point where you have not only learned to manage your money well, but to the point where you are no longer enslaved to any lender … Continue reading Experiencing Financial Freedom