A Christmas to Remember

When I stop and think back to Christmas growing up I must admit that there are not very many memories. My memory is not great in the first place, so anyone who knows me would not be highly surprised about this, but what I do remember has nothing to do with gifts at all. There … Continue reading A Christmas to Remember


Paul’s Warning against False Teachings

This particular section of Scripture kept coming to mind this week at various different points so I thought I would share it and talk about it a little bit. The passage is taken from Paul’s letter to Timothy and in it he encouraging Timothy to continue in guiding God’s people with truth and love which … Continue reading Paul’s Warning against False Teachings

Why am I a Financial Coach?

Have you ever looked at your life and thought that there must be something more than what you are doing? Have you ever thought that you could do something more to actually help people succeed in life and better themselves? The answer to these questions in my own life is the result of following God … Continue reading Why am I a Financial Coach?

Setting our Sights on God

Each of us views life through a different lens based upon our experiences in life. We see things based upon how we were raised, what we were taught, what we have learned through personal experiences, as well as what we aspire to in the future. The future guides us, but the past has an engrained … Continue reading Setting our Sights on God