Cash or Plastic?

What is your preferred method for paying for stuff and why? With cash you obviously know that you have the money, with debit you may or may not know you have the money depending on if you budget or even if you keep a register for your account, with credit you do not need to … Continue reading Cash or Plastic?


The Power of Money

How much power does money have? It has the power to buy things, to help people, to make our lives easier, and it even has the power to change who we are and how we view ourselves and others. Would you give someone in the grocery store a dollar if they were short on cash … Continue reading The Power of Money

Never Enough Money

Does it ever seem like you work hard day in and day out, but there is still not enough money? Do you ever wish that you had more taking on overtime or another job to pay an unexpected expense or to pay for a vacation? Some days it seems like there is just never enough … Continue reading Never Enough Money

Paul’s Warning against False Teachings

This particular section of Scripture kept coming to mind this week at various different points so I thought I would share it and talk about it a little bit. The passage is taken from Paul’s letter to Timothy and in it he encouraging Timothy to continue in guiding God’s people with truth and love which … Continue reading Paul’s Warning against False Teachings

Why am I a Financial Coach?

Have you ever looked at your life and thought that there must be something more than what you are doing? Have you ever thought that you could do something more to actually help people succeed in life and better themselves? The answer to these questions in my own life is the result of following God … Continue reading Why am I a Financial Coach?