A Generous Heart

https://youtu.be/xGv22K6g_fQ While I was reading a book today it started talking about how spiritual disciplines help us grow to become more like Jesus. Ortberg (2002) in his book The Life You’ve Always Wanted, described a spiritual discipline as “Any activity that can help me gain power to live life as Jesus taught and modeled it.” … Continue reading A Generous Heart


Christmas Special

Buy one coaching session and get one free for yourself or to gift a friend, now through 5 PM, December 31st. You must either call 573-208-4266 or email Jeremy@HigherPowerLiving.com and schedule an appointment as well as to let me know who will receive the free hour of coaching. Merry Christmas and God Bless! https://youtu.be/Fi1yMcV1Yrc

Living a Content and Grateful Life

I saw another wonderful advertisement about Christmas and gifts yesterday. The gist of the advertisement was that kids should lie and exaggerate what they want so that when they get something lesser than what they ask for they will really get what they wanted in the first place. Thank you Verizon for such a lesson … Continue reading Living a Content and Grateful Life

A Christmas to Remember

When I stop and think back to Christmas growing up I must admit that there are not very many memories. My memory is not great in the first place, so anyone who knows me would not be highly surprised about this, but what I do remember has nothing to do with gifts at all. There … Continue reading A Christmas to Remember