Thoughts on Finances and Coaching When I think about the financial situation that so many people are in today I can easily become frustrated, sad, and angry. I remember being in debt and how much it robbed from me, not just financially, but in life as well. When we do not have our finances under control we become stressed … Continue reading Thoughts on Finances and Coaching


Quick Tips to Change your Finances Today

The quickest way to change your finances today is to start budgeting immediately. A budget that is every dollar specific will 1.) make you aware of where your money is going and how much you are spending 2.) Stretch your money as far as it can go 3.) will help you start paying extra on … Continue reading Quick Tips to Change your Finances Today

Living a Content and Grateful Life

I saw another wonderful advertisement about Christmas and gifts yesterday. The gist of the advertisement was that kids should lie and exaggerate what they want so that when they get something lesser than what they ask for they will really get what they wanted in the first place. Thank you Verizon for such a lesson … Continue reading Living a Content and Grateful Life

It Gets Harder Every Year

"It gets harder every year, I feel like I'm buying everything on credit now." This was the statement I overheard in the store on Friday. If this is the reality you are living in right now it does not have to stay that way. Just because the majority of the population is living paycheck to … Continue reading It Gets Harder Every Year

Never Enough Money

Does it ever seem like you work hard day in and day out, but there is still not enough money? Do you ever wish that you had more taking on overtime or another job to pay an unexpected expense or to pay for a vacation? Some days it seems like there is just never enough … Continue reading Never Enough Money