Thoughts on Finances and Coaching When I think about the financial situation that so many people are in today I can easily become frustrated, sad, and angry. I remember being in debt and how much it robbed from me, not just financially, but in life as well. When we do not have our finances under control we become stressed … Continue reading Thoughts on Finances and Coaching


Never Enough Money

Does it ever seem like you work hard day in and day out, but there is still not enough money? Do you ever wish that you had more taking on overtime or another job to pay an unexpected expense or to pay for a vacation? Some days it seems like there is just never enough … Continue reading Never Enough Money

Payday Loan Sharks

Short on cash? Need money for an emergency? You can get money quick and easy! Have you ever heard anything that sounds like this? Have you ever thought it might be a good idea? Payday loan sharks are everywhere and they advertise a quick and easy way to get money without credit and they are … Continue reading Payday Loan Sharks

How is a Financial Coach Different?

With all of the choices that you have to choose from between financial advisors, financial consultants, investment advisors, etc., why would you choose a financial coach? The simplest answer as that as a financial coach my only concern is about helping you. Let me put it this way…how much better would you feel about your … Continue reading How is a Financial Coach Different?

Real-life Millionaires!

Yesterday I had a wonderful opportunity to speak with someone who just passed the $1 Million mark in their investments. It was so exciting to talk with him about what he and his wife have been able to accomplish in their lives. We talked about the things that they get to do, because of the … Continue reading Real-life Millionaires!