A Christmas to Remember

When I stop and think back to Christmas growing up I must admit that there are not very many memories. My memory is not great in the first place, so anyone who knows me would not be highly surprised about this, but what I do remember has nothing to do with gifts at all. There … Continue reading A Christmas to Remember


It Gets Harder Every Year

"It gets harder every year, I feel like I'm buying everything on credit now." This was the statement I overheard in the store on Friday. If this is the reality you are living in right now it does not have to stay that way. Just because the majority of the population is living paycheck to … Continue reading It Gets Harder Every Year

Something to be Thankful about this Thanksgiving

If there was something that you could do that would really cause people to be thankful this Thanksgiving or that would really be a great gift for someone this Christmas would you do it? As the Christmas commercials have already started for the season I cannot help but to be completely put off by them. … Continue reading Something to be Thankful about this Thanksgiving

Christmas with a Plan

Christmas? Why are we talking about Christmas right now, there are still 10 ½ weeks left until Christmas? The answer… what you do right now will determine the level of stress that you have when Christmas arrives. In a survey taken in 2012 roughly 45% of people polled said that they would rather skip the … Continue reading Christmas with a Plan