Something to be Thankful about this Thanksgiving

6 Nov

Something to be Thankful about this Thanksgiving

Something to be Thankful about this Thanksgiving

If there was something that you could do that would really cause people to be thankful this Thanksgiving or that would really be a great gift for someone this Christmas would you do it? As the Christmas commercials have already started for the season I cannot help but to be completely put off by them. There is one commercial series that jumps to the head of the list for me with a slogan saying “Naughty is not an Option” which typically shows a parent asking a couple children to do something only to have them jump up in complete excitement to do whatever chore or task is being asked of them. Then the narrative comes in that “naughty is not an option” this year.

So why does this bother me and what does it have to do with being thankful or giving a great gift this Christmas? It bothers me because it feeds into the overwhelming theme of commercialism that is constantly telling us and our children that we deserve certain things if we act good or in more cases for simply existing. How many commercials have you seen that are telling you that you need the latest and greatest thing that is only two months newer than the last thing, all because you deserve it or you will be better because of having it? This is ridiculous!

If you really want to be thankful this Thanksgiving then jump off the train that is leading you into buying stuff that you do not need and cannot afford. If you really want to give a great gift this Christmas then how about you give the gift of financial freedom by teaching yourself and your children that we do not get to have everything that we want. Gifts should be given out of excess and out of love, not out of necessity, guilt, fear, obligation, etc.

As a financial coach it is my job to help people that want to work toward a future of financial freedom by stopping behavior that is detrimental and by starting habits that will lead to success. We all have things that we do that we don’t even really understand, we just do them because that’s what we do. The only way to change your future is to change your present habits and your present thinking and that includes how you think about presents this year.

The question of whether you will start working toward something to be thankful for or whether you will keep doing what you have always been doing depends on you. If you truly want to give a gift to your family and teach them to be thankful then it is time to do something. Only you have the power to change you. Only you can decide to change your habits and thus the trajectory of your family. Let me put it this way. If you keep going in the same direction financially as you are right now then what will you leave your family? Will you leave your family an inheritance or will you leave them with nothing? Your future will not change if you don’t.
The time to change is now! The longer you wait the worse your situation gets, as you have likely already figured out. It’s time to start seeing a future of hopes and dreams again, not just wishes that will likely never happen. It’s time to start dreaming with your family about the things you will be able to do in the future once you have put in the work to gain financial freedom. The time to start is NOW before you spend any more money!

The only question really left is whether or not you will actually do it? Will you start working to change your future? Will you start working to get out of debt and start building wealth so that you can be a blessing to others? Will you contact me today to get some help in moving in the right direction? Only you can answer the question of whether you will do it or not, but if you are like most people you will need some help to get started and you would benefit from having someone help encourage you in your endeavor. If you are ready to change your trajectory for the future then it’s time to call today, stop waiting, don’t put it off another day.

If none of this applies to you, but you know of someone who could use a hand getting started then a coaching session could be a great gift from you to them to help them start dreaming again. Whatever your situation, if you think you could benefit from a little bit of coaching then let’s talk. I promise that I will work with you to answer questions and to help you implement a plan that will work for you, for your family, and that aligns with your beliefs and situation. This is not a one size fits all plan, when we work together we will create a personalized plan that will work for you if you work for it.

Let’s change our trajectory America and let’s create a future for our children and our children’s children that we can truly be proud of!

Peace and Blessings,

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