Real-life Millionaires!

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Real-life Millionaires!

Real-life Millionaires!

Yesterday I had a wonderful opportunity to speak with someone who just passed the $1 Million mark in their investments. It was so exciting to talk with him about what he and his wife have been able to accomplish in their lives. We talked about the things that they get to do, because of the choices they have made which is exactly what I talked about in my last post. They have long surpassed having to do certain things in life for lack of options and because of their choices and sacrifices they have made in life they are able to do the things they want to do. I feel like I need to point out that they have actually been millionaires for quite a while, because they own their house and they have absolutely no debt! This is amazing folks and it can be done, but it takes being intentional every day, because the small choices can add up just as much as the big choices.

He is 55, worked in government service and invested his money. He and his wife have lived within their means and buy everything with cash. When they did take out loans to purchase a house they put as much down as they could and paid it off as quickly as they could. They own a house with land, vehicles, and even some toys, but these things have not owned them. Even though they can afford to do purchase bigger and better things with their money they have chosen to continue living a relaxed life, well within their means, while continuing to save up for the next few years in order to be able to retire.

It was absolutely great talking with him yesterday, because it was just inspiring to see someone who has worked hard, lived within his means, and has been able to experience financial freedom. He did not win some big inheritance or the lottery or anything, he simply was aware of what he was doing with his money and he was intentional about it. Another great point to note is that they love people and are excellent encouragers. Their home is rarely void of guests coming to visit them and spend time with them and they get to travel often. They live the life that they have dreamed of and look forward to doing much more.

Folks, you too can experience financial freedom, but it will take sacrificing some things in the immediate so that you can get interest working for you rather than you working to pay interest. We need more people who are willing to go against the grain of marketing and quit using debt. Debt will not cause you to experience financial freedom, it will only cause you stress and add a substantial amount of risk to your lives that you just do not need. These folks are already living a life in which they are partially retired, and by that I mean that they are doing the things that they want to do and they are choosing to continue working at this point so that they can do even more in the years to come.

Congratulations to them on reaching this milestone on their path to financial freedom!

If you would like help laying out a plan so that you too can experience financial freedom, if you would like an energizing boost with the plan you are already working, or if you have questions about how financial coaching could benefit you and your family, please feel free to contact me to see how I can help you with your dreams.

Also, if you have an inspirational story about winning with your finances there are people who would love to be encouraged. Each of us has a story to tell and whether you have just now decided to take control of your finances or if you are already a millionaire. Your story can inspire people, because their are people that need to know that they too can experience financial freedom. If you have a story that you are willing to share please feel free to contact me and I will get it posted.

Have a blessed day!


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