Thoughts on Finances and Coaching When I think about the financial situation that so many people are in today I can easily become frustrated, sad, and angry. I remember being in debt and how much it robbed from me, not just financially, but in life as well. When we do not have our finances under control we become stressed … Continue reading Thoughts on Finances and Coaching


Quick Tips to Change your Finances Today

The quickest way to change your finances today is to start budgeting immediately. A budget that is every dollar specific will 1.) make you aware of where your money is going and how much you are spending 2.) Stretch your money as far as it can go 3.) will help you start paying extra on … Continue reading Quick Tips to Change your Finances Today

How to Stop Living in a Financial Emergency

Have you ever noticed that when you are low on funds in your account that it seems like there is always an emergency arising? If not, then congratulations, you have either learned to live in a way that allows you to save, to spend, and hopefully to give. When financial emergencies seem to constantly arise … Continue reading How to Stop Living in a Financial Emergency

When Should I Start Saving for Retirement?

What is your idea of retirement? Do you plan to do anything special or go anywhere special? Is retirement an age in which you can stop working? Will you rely on social security? How much will you need to save to retire? These are all questions that people generally have about retirement, questions that when … Continue reading When Should I Start Saving for Retirement?

Christmas with a Plan

Christmas? Why are we talking about Christmas right now, there are still 10 ½ weeks left until Christmas? The answer… what you do right now will determine the level of stress that you have when Christmas arrives. In a survey taken in 2012 roughly 45% of people polled said that they would rather skip the … Continue reading Christmas with a Plan