Cash or Plastic?

6 Dec

Cash or Plastic?

Cash or Plastic?


What is your preferred method for paying for stuff and why? With cash you obviously know that you have the money, with debit you may or may not know you have the money depending on if you budget or even if you keep a register for your account, with credit you do not need to have the money. I found the following infographic fairly interesting and it points out somethings to consider, especially if you are carrying around a credit card.

Personally we got rid of our credit cards years ago and went to paying cash or using our debit card, but more recently we actually made one change that really helped me to stick to our budget and that change was taking out cash for gas. Aside from our bills we already paid cash for everything except for gas, but what I found was that with the debit card readily accessible in my wallet I used it more often so out of curiosity I started taking out cash for gas. What I have found is that I almost never use my debit card anymore and our budget remains much more in tact. It was always too easy to just pull out the card to grab some groceries or whatever else.

So, what are your spending habits and if you could change one thing about your spending what would it be?

Cash Vs. Card Infographic

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