Financial Wisdom

How do I get out of Debt?

Getting out of debt can seem like a difficult task and can even seem impossible depending on your level of indebtedness. If you went to college anytime recently you probably have a pile of student loans that you need to pay. If you live in America you probably have a pretty hefty car payment and… Continue reading How do I get out of Debt?

Financial Wisdom

How to Stop Living in a Financial Emergency

Have you ever noticed that when you are low on funds in your account that it seems like there is always an emergency arising? If not, then congratulations, you have either learned to live in a way that allows you to save, to spend, and hopefully to give. When financial emergencies seem to constantly arise… Continue reading How to Stop Living in a Financial Emergency

Financial Wisdom

When Should I Start Saving for Retirement?

What is your idea of retirement? Do you plan to do anything special or go anywhere special? Is retirement an age in which you can stop working? Will you rely on social security? How much will you need to save to retire? These are all questions that people generally have about retirement, questions that when… Continue reading When Should I Start Saving for Retirement?

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Setting our Sights on God

Each of us views life through a different lens based upon our experiences in life. We see things based upon how we were raised, what we were taught, what we have learned through personal experiences, as well as what we aspire to in the future. The future guides us, but the past has an engrained… Continue reading Setting our Sights on God