Benefits of Financial Coaching

31 Jan

Benefits of Financial Coaching

Financial coaching is about more than just numbers. There are a number of benefits of financial coaching that are not expected typically by client when they seek me out. One of these benefits is the stress reduction of knowledge. The unknown causes stress and often times just knowing more about something reduces stress immediately. As a financial coach I am also able to provide advice outside of the emotion that finances creates in our lives. If finances was just about money it would be easy, but it is so much more than that and it often times represents, in our eyes, our failures or misgivings, our lack of understanding, maybe even our lack of control. The problem with that is that it can often times cause us to ignore or even avoid talking about our finances all together. This is especially problematic because finances are such a major part of our lives and if we ignore them we will never be able to do as well with our money as we could if we addressed the issues and made a plan.

As a financial coach it is my job to help encourage you, to provide you with information, and to help set you up for success in your finances. My only agenda is to help see you succeed in your goals and to start experiencing a greater sense of financial freedom. If you are interested in finding out more about financial coaching please feel free to call 573-208-4266, email me at or explore the website to keep up to date with the latest informational articles that I am putting out.

God Bless,
Jeremy Lindeman

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