Avoid These Financial Traps Part 3

30 Dec

Avoid These Financial Traps Part 3

Avoid These Financial Traps Part 3

2018 is upon us and with that many will look at ways in which they can better their lives or things they can change that they are not completely happy with. One such thing has to do with finances. In the last two articles I have addressed two traps to avoid this year when diving into your finances. In the first article I explained what a credit report is and why trying to build your credit may not be the best option and in the second article I addressed debt consolidation and how using the debt snowball method is typically a better option for people. In this article I will address debt settlement companies and why you should exhaust other options and know what you can do before deciding to use a debt settlement company.

When you are looking for ways to get out of debt or help in doing so you will undoubtedly come across a debt settlement company who promises to negotiate with your creditors for a reduced pay-off. You in turn pay them a monthly sum and stop paying your creditors. The problem with this is that they are not paying your creditors either. If they were paying your creditors off for you it would be more like a debt consolidation, but that is not what this is.

The main reason that debt settlement works is because after your account has gone delinquent for a period of time determined by the credit agency, typically 180 days, your debt is written off by the company and sold at a very reduced rate to a credit collection agency. At this point in time the “debt settlement” actually comes into play and if you have the money saved you can usually negotiate a lower lump sum payoff to get out of your debt.

That Doesn’t Sound So Bad

Explained like that debt settlement companies don’t sound so bad, but there are consequences to doing this. First off, if you are at all concerned about your credit score it will be destroyed, remember you haven’t been paying your debts and neither have they. You will also be receiving increasingly more calls to collect on the debt that you owe. The longer your debt goes unpaid the more aggressive the calls will get and they are legally allowed to contact you once a day. These calls will continue until your debt is paid off, until you send them a letter telling them not to contact you unless they have any updates or changes, or until the debt is settled.

If you are truly in a situation where you cannot pay on your debts and you have carefully considered the repercussions of not paying your debts then you are in the position to negotiate yourself or if you determine you are uncomfortable in doing so you may be ready to talk to a debt settlement company, but make sure you truly know what you are doing. Eventually if you have not paid for long enough your debt will be sold and you will soon be dealing with a debt collection agency who you will be able to negotiate with over time and by doing so you haven’t paid another company to do what you could have done yourself. If you do chose a debt settlement company though make sure that you completely understand what they are advising you to do and make sure you understand what they will be doing.


Dealing with Creditors

Quite arguably the worst part of not being able to pay your debts is dealing with their calls and their attempts to get their money. If you borrowed money from them, then you owe it, regardless if you feel like you owe it or if you have the means to pay them back. It is your debt and until you take care of it you are responsible and you cannot ignore it. If you think you can ignore it you may eventually find yourself in a lawsuit. They will not go away, even though you might get lost in the shuffle for a bit, they will typically find you in order to get their money.

Paying your Debt

If you are in a situation where you cannot make your payments but are still able to pay some money to them then you might consider using the pro rata method which simply means paying each of your creditors proportionately what you can, this option will have an adverse effect on your credit as well and will by no means rectify the situation, but it might help get you some time to get back on track.

To do this you will first off need to have a strict budget so that you can figure out how much extra cash you have each month after you have paid for essentials. You will also need to know how much you owe each of your creditors, for this scenario you should not include secured debt such as home loans, car loans, etc. (Anything with collateral attached for security). Once you know how much you have to be able to put toward your debt and you know how much you owe each creditor you add up all of your debt and divide each individual debt by the total debt which will give you a percentage for each debt. With that percentage you multiply it by how much you have. This will give you an amount to pay each creditor. This will likely not stop the creditors from contacting you, but it is to be used as a tool to keep making payments, even when you can’t make the full payment.

Download your own Pro Rata Payment Schedule

Final Thoughts

As we close I want to let you know that you are doing the right thing by trying to pay off your debts. Paying off debts when you don’t have enough money is very stressful and it can seem like you will never get out of the situation you are in, but remember that you didn’t obtain all of the debt that you have in one day, you likely accrued your debt over many years, so it will take some time to get it cleaned up.

Dealing with creditors can be difficult and there are a lot of different things that can make the repayment process easier. Each situation is different and because each situation is different each person needs their situation addressed individually. If you are facing a situation where you are struggling with debt or if you are already behind on payments contact me to find out what else you can do. I can help you work through different options, answer your questions, and help put you on a path to financial freedom. You do not have to do this by yourself and your situation is not hopeless. Please reach out today and let’s get a plan put together for you that will ease some of your stress and get you working a plan to get your debts paid off.

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God Bless,

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