When Jesus isn’t enough
I become sorrowful and mourn.
I look in desperation
for a life that could be more.

The things I’ve done,
the people I’ve hurt,
the darkness inside
seems always to lurk.

When Jesus isn’t enough
I search and cannot find
the life that I long to live
it’s like I’ve become blind.

Why is it that no matter what I try
I cannot find my way?
The way that leads to happiness,
it seems so far away.

The people all around me,
they seem so happy in life.
They seem to know what road to take,
but me I’m filled with strife.

Are these people really happy?
What is it they possess?
Do they know something I don’t know,
or simply give their best?

When Jesus isn’t enough,
life it seems so hard.
No matter what I try to do
I seem to not go far.

Nothing in this world brings joy,
nothing tangible.
Nothing that will fill the void,
that was created so long ago.

There must be something more to life,
than just living every day.
There must be something guiding things,
something more that I need.

You see when Jesus isn’t enough,
life isn’t just quite right.
We long for more, we do our best,
but always come up short.

Jesus is the way the truth and the life,
and no one can deny,
that when they put their trust in Him
and follow with their life

things will change,
lives be restored.
The past renewed,
sorrows no more.

But we must seek,
we must trust in Him
He’s waiting at the door.
So open up and call on Him to be your only Lord.

Don’t worry about what others may think.
You’ll see that there is more
to living life in only strife
when your trust is in the Lord.

So call on Him and follow Him
He’ll never lead you wrong.
He’ll give you life and restore your past
to lead you through this life.

He will teach you things about yourself
that no one else could know.
He’ll reach deep down to raise you up,
from the fire down below.

He loves you now and forever more,
He wants you as His own.
So trust in Him and Him alone
and He’ll lead you to His home.

Where there are many rooms
in His Father’s house with room for many more.
So love the Lord your God
and trust Him with your life.

And remember there are many more,
who need Jesus in their life.
He’s always more than enough,
because He is the giver of life!


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