All or Nothing at all

As I lie in bed for the night after watching the movie What Would Jesus Do I cannot help but to think about how I would respond if I lost everything. I’m not talking about losing stuff, though I’m sure that would be trying, but what if I lost EVERYTHING: my family, friends, possessions. How would I respond? Would I worship God and praise his name as Job did or would I curse God and deny him?

Though my faith and resolve have been greatly deepened I still wonder how I would respond and whether I would feel alone in it or if I would sense God working? Just today I was presented with the opportunity to pray for a Muslim man who had injured his neck just prior to me stopping to give assistance and wouldn’t you know that not once did I think about praying for him in the moment? I didn’t even think of it until now.

I would say that I am not seeking God enough in my life if I failed to see an obvious opportunity. So could I still trust him and worship him even if I lost everything?  Do I have enough faith? 

Would I give him my all or nothing at all?  

What Would Jesus Do?

2 thoughts on “All or Nothing at all

  1. Time is not even a thing to God. Be encouraged. You can pray for that man in retrospective. Obviously growing closer to God is always a great thing, but don’t allow your discouragement distract you from praying for the man RIGHT NOW. God is SO much bigger than time. He is all powerful and omnipotent. Great post!


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