A quick update

It’s been a crazy last few months as we are nearing the end of the wait to meet our new little girl. Sara is due on the 13th so she could come at any time now. The preparation that God has been taking us through has been great! By His grace I will be able to stay at home and care for her as I finish up my last semester on my first Master’s degree. Lord willing, I will be able to have the time to post more frequently again as I have really missed writing and look forward to using this as an outlet for God to speak again. I also really feel as though God plans to use this to take us where ever it is that He wants for us to go next.

In the mean time if you could please be praying for Sara and for our baby that everything would go well and that there would be no complications. So many of you have supported us greatly throughout this pregnancy and we look forward to sharing pictures and stories with you soon. God bless you all.


How is your walk with God going today?

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