Response to Darkness, Fear, and Hatred…Love and Trust!

Higher Power Living

Angel LightWe all have different things that get us stirred up in life. Usually the things that hit the closest to home are the ones that get the most of our attention and often times create heated disputes. Recently the Presbyterian church has been under attack from the public after their decision to endorse gay marriage. I am not sure if endorse is necessarily the right word, but I think it is fitting. I do not like to get into subjects like this in a forum where people are allowed to post openly because it almost always turns into hatred right away and I do not want that to happen, so I am praying that it does not.

I feel as though it needs to be said that none of us knows the extent of God’s mercy and grace. We know what we have been told and what we have experienced…

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How is your walk with God going today?

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