Pure Love…Is it worth it?

I had the opportunity to be with a family after the loss of a loved one today. The loss of a family member is always difficult, but in the grief of the moment a family member stated that it wasn’t difficult if you didn’t think about anything and then the emotions came rushing back. While being their I couldn’t help but to think that there are two times in life in which most people exhibit nothing but pure love. It is during these two times in life that they do not worry about themselves, they do not think about all the things that the other person has done to hurt them, they only think about the love that they have for that person. These two times are at birth and death, the beginning and the end. It is at these two times that I believe we are at the closest to knowing God’s love for us.

God’s love for us is so pure that there is nothing that he holds against us when he looks at us. His love is a choice, and He will love us no matter what and likewise we have a choice whether to love Him or not. It is through that choice to love Him that we receive life, it is through that choice to not love Him that we receive death. When we say yes to Jesus, when we give Him our heart we receive more of Him. The more of our heart that we give to Him the more we receive. We really are the only barriers to pure love. It is through that love that we surrender to God and receive even more of the blessings that He has in store for us.

So what is the problem? Well, we do not have a big enough understanding of His love because we are imperfect and we do not trust that someone could love us for who we are. We do not allow Him to be close enough to hurt us because in our experience when we open ourselves up to people we wind up getting hurt. The flip side is that by not opening ourselves up we actually are missing out on what God has to offer us. We miss out on deep relationships with others and we miss out on a deep relationship with God.

How much love do you have room for? Are you willing to open your heart up fully to God’s love? God will never fail you, He will never disappoint. As for people, well… we are all sinners and we all will cause pain, we all will hurt others, but if we do not love and if we do not open ourselves up to love then we will be missing out on one of God’s greatest blessings in this life. God built us for deep and personal relationships. He did not create us to live alone or to live on a superficial level with people even though that is often the level we live at with others. He wants us to be fully entrenched in the lives of others, but to do that we have to be willing to get dirty and quite honestly to get hurt once in a while.

Where is your heart at? Are you willing to take the chance of getting hurt in order to love well? How much of God’s love do you want to receive? These are all questions that we must answer in our hearts and that we must revisit often because getting hurt sucks, but so does living life alone. The one thing that I know though through experience is that God’s love never hurts and it is all consuming. So I ask, is pure love worth it? Absolutely!! God bless you all in your walk with God and with others.

How is your walk with God going today?

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