I am Blessed

I am blessed…a statement that a wonderful man used to say whenever anyone would ask him how he was doing.  But this was more than a response it was his attitude in life. It was his way of acknowledging that no matter what was going on around him that God had blessed him beyond measure. It is a simple phrase with a huge statement!

How do you impact the world around you? Words can build up and words can tear down…what are you doing with your words?

Jesus, no matter how many people were around him and no matter how busy he was always took the time to bring light into the world by showing people the way to the Father. He chose his words carefully in all situations.

Sometimes I wonder what kind of impact I would have if I did the same. I am blessed and I want the world to know it.  Let’s bless and encourage those around us in any way that we can. It won’t always be easy and at times we will fail but it will be worth it for every person that we draw nearer to Christ. You are loved, you are precious, and you are more valuable than you could ever know.

Blessings on you and your walk with the Lord.

How is your walk with God going today?

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