We all fall short sometimes…

Whether or not you know me you know that I am not perfect, even though I try my hardest and do my best I am by no means perfect. Sometimes I feel as though my expectations of others are much greater than what their expectations are and I feel let down or disappointed. I feel this way because I know what they are capable of if they only put forth the effort. Some of the most frustrating moments occurred when I was a training instructor for the military. We would get young men and women in of all different backgrounds and upbringings. Some of them seemed destine to just get by, their attitude was clear and they seemed to lack the motivation or drive to apply themselves. That was sad enough, but my biggest frustrations were when those who had the motivation and drive, they had the desire, knowledge, and ability to do the things that they were required to do and they would go above and beyond, but when they didn’t it caused me much frustration and even pain at times. I knew what they were capable of and that they could make a great impact if they only stayed the path.

The same is true for us. I’m not sure exactly what kind of emotions God has, but there are many examples of him having various different emotions so I would say that He can and does get frustrated with us at times, but in a way of knowing what we are capable of and desiring us to see it in ourselves. For me I find that often times when I am praying in the morning I am asking for help in certain areas, usually having to do with being a man after God’s own heart who brings light into the world by building people up rather than tearing them down, but it seems that I often miss the mark and have to ask God for forgiveness for where I did not stay true to the path that He set before me. There are many things that God wants for us and to love is perhaps the greatest, so why is it so difficult to love God and to love others? Perhaps we need to look to Jesus for the answer.

Jesus humbled himself many times during his lifetime. One such time that we know of is when He washed his disciples feet. He placed himself in the lowest position and he served those whom he loved. He demonstrated what it meant to be a disciple in word and in deed. Shortly after washing his disciples feet Jesus said, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another” (John 13:34-35). I know in my life I often can easily portray that I am better than others, not necessarily in a highly obvious way, but in a way of judging others and their situations, of how they act, or even by what they say. I know that I miss the mark often, and I believe that if I could truly know what it means to humble myself before others that I could hit the mark way more often. Rather than looking at someone and seeing their situation maybe I could see them for the hurt that is within them instead. Maybe I could be someone who, with the Holy Spirit’s guidance, could bring some healing to the hurting and broken hearted.

How is God’s heart hurting for you today? We all have different things that we struggle with, I have just shared one thing that I struggle with every day, but struggle signifies a desire to fight and to change. If you are in a place of acceptance then maybe it is time to relight the fire within you and re-engage with your God given desire to be holy, just as He is holy. Certainly we will never be completely holy, at least not in our own power, but through the blood of Jesus we have been made new. We have been restored in God’s eyes, all we have to do is to repent and ask for forgiveness for our failings and follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit wherever he may lead us. You have the ability to change people’s lives around you. You have the ability to restore lost people, hurting people, grieving people. You also have been given the responsibility to do these things. How will you respond?

Until next time, may God richly bless you as you walk boldly in the path that He has set before you. May your life be filled with the joy and the peace of knowing that you are doing what God has called you to do. May your hearts be overflowing with love for everyone you encounter.

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