My Choice

I long to follow your ways oh Lord

You give me strength in times of weakness

You fill my heart with laughter

You guide me along the path of righteousness

Your ways are perfect in every way

So why is it that I still falter

Still get scared

Times where I lean upon my own understanding

You teach me to trust and to obey

But there is always another way

I always have a choice

Life or Death!

The path to life is narrow

The path to death is easier to follow

But your ways are greater than my ways

Your desire for me is even greater than my own

I choose to trust in you

My God, My Savior, My Friend

Set a lamp upon my feet

Show me the way to life

You have given me all there is

You have given me love

You have given me patience

You have given me your Son

I choose to follow

I choose to trust

I choose to obey

I choose you God

How is your walk with God going today?

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