The Joy of the Lord!

The following is a free writing response given to me following reading the book of Ecclesiastes. I urge you to take some time to read Ecclesiastes and to reflect upon the words that you read and apply them to your life and your motivations in life. Here is what was revealed to me.

Oh what a day is this day. We are here today and gone tomorrow. No one knows what awaits him and no one knows what time will bring. We toil, but to what reward. We worry but to what end. There is nothing that we can control but that of an image of control. The wise set their hearts upon knowledge but only to seek more wisdom. The rich seek to advance their riches but only to more toil. The strong seek to increase their strength but only to be weakened. To what advantage are we that live in this world if we do not seek the will of God and follow? We wander aimlessly about life trying to fulfill the matters of our heart, but we do not fulfill them. We see that many great people have died before us only to leave their riches to the person who follows. Do we seek riches that fade away or that are built for someone else or do we seek our Father in heaven who gives us life?

Where does joy come from? We seek riches and wealth, we seek knowledge and wisdom, we seek comfort and stability, but there is no joy within them that is not fleeting. For today will come and go as will tomorrow and the next day and the next day… We do not know what tomorrow will bring. All is folly that is of this world, but God brings joy to our hearts and brings gladness to our lives; a sweet kiss from our love, a gentle hug from a friend, the softness of the sun’s kiss gently upon our face, the calm of listening to the crashing waves of the mighty ocean. There is nothing that we know or can know that will bring us joy other than to live for the Lord and to bask in the Glory of his presence. For all that we build will one day fall and all that we learn will one day fade for we are here today and gone tomorrow.

Peaceful mountain

How is your walk with God going today?

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