Trusting God isn’t Always Easy

There are times in our lives when we are scared and confused; times when we just don’t know what the outcome will be to our situation.  It is in those times that the choice to be obedient becomes extremely difficult and even scary.  It is said that faith is spelled R.I.S.K. and anyone who has been walking with God for any amount of time can attest to this.  It can be extremely scary to say yes and to follow God, but what is our alternative?

When we take a look at the Israelites and their pursuit of the Promised Land we notice a pattern in their thinking and their actions, God would provide and then something would happen and they would become scared.  God released them from the grips of Pharaoh (Ex. 12:31-36) after sending warning upon warning followed by action when Pharaoh pursued them God guided them out of harm’s way.  God guided them in a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night until they were safe (13:21-22).  Repeatedly God answered their prayers by taking them through the Red Sea (14:26-31), supplying them with water (17:5-7), and even supplying them with their daily bread (16:13-16).  Yet even with all that God had done for the Israelites they still became scared and turned to worrying and grumbling.  Eventually God would lead their ancestor’s into the Promised Land where they would receive all that God had promised to them.

It isn’t always easy to follow God, but God is calling us to trust in Him and to follow Him.  A few years ago my wife and I were pursuing a change in our lives.  I was getting out of the military and we were ready to pursue a job running a startup gym in New Jersey which was supposed to be one of the top stores in the company.  My wife quit her job, I was separating from the military, and our belongings were all packed up and ready to be moved.  During my final out processing from the military I really began to feel as though we weren’t supposed to go to New Jersey.  After prayer and consideration we decided that we trust in God and not go to New Jersey even though we had no idea what we were going to do to sustain ourselves financially.

Fortunately for us God knew what we needed and provided for us, but it wasn’t without hardship and trials.  We went a whole year without either of us having a permanent job, but God was faithful and we were ok.  He provided for us over and over again, you could say He gave us our daily bread, and we have never been without.  There have been times when things were tough, but nonetheless we were always provided for.  Following God is risky, but it is also worth it even when things get scary and difficult, which they will.  Remember that faith = R.I.S.K. and if you have faith and follow the prompting that you receive from the Holy Spirit you will be ok.  It may not always look the way you thought that it would, but God will take care of you.

Father, bless us as we step out in faith and follow you today.  We know that it can be scary and even difficult to say yes, but we also know that you are faithful.  You are the provider and in you all things are possible so we submit ourselves to you today as we say yes Lord, not my will but yours be done.  Protect us from the schemes of the enemy and use us as we venture out into the world.  We thank you Father that you care for us, even when we fail you.  Help us in our unbelief and guide us as we follow your steps.  Amen.

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How is your walk with God going today?

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