Life is too short to just go along with what the world says that you should do. You have been created on purpose by a God who loves you and has great plans for you, but in order to live in the reality of which you were created you must acknowledge God as the one who Created all things and who gave his son, Jesus Christ, so that you can have life. Higher Power Living was created to help you realize your full potential in this world through Christ Jesus. Without Jesus we are all wandering through life without a purpose, but in Christ we have a purpose and if we will learn to follow Him throughout our lives we will have a full and satisfying life.

There was a time when I wandered away from God and for six years I was literally wandering through life trying to figure out what my purpose was. What I found out was that no matter what I did I was never truly happy and I never really felt fulfilled in anything. This all changed though when I moved and was reacquainted with the Lord, but this time things were different. I found myself surrounded by a community of people who believed in Jesus and sought to live according to the Word of God and my life was changed forever. The more that I learned to trust in God and to follow Jesus the more fulfilled my life became. It is my hope that you will experience the same thing in your life as you draw closer to God each and every day.

Drawing close to God is not something that can be done unless you are intentional in your walk with Him each and every day. When you take your eyes off of Jesus you will find yourself wandering away from Him and falling back into the ways of the world. We need each other in this life to help keep us on track and to keep our focus on the things above. So please feel free to comment and to let others know what you are thinking and what God is doing in your life. We would also love to hear your story. There is a testimonies page where you can share your story with others and so that what God is doing in your life can help to encourage others in theirs.

I look forward to continuing in this journey with you and look forward to hearing all of the great things that God is doing! May God bless you all as you follow His good and perfect way.

How is your walk with God going today?

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